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About Tango

There is something about the Tango, which speaks to people. Whether it is first the music, or the movement…the implied action within the still embrace, the sensuous walking, the syncopations, sweeping rhythm changes, breathless pauses, knifelike legwork... There can be a lifetime of fascination with its elements and their infinite combination.

But most of all people who have never danced before can sense the urgency of the connection between partners for the dance to succeed.

Though the dance connection lasts only a few minutes both partners have to want to make it work by communication subtly and voluntarily…without forcing or the sensitive mechanics of balance and the open sharing of musical ideas can be broken.

Tango is not unlike Yoga or Tai Chi in its combination of application and release, strength without strain, reaching without forcing.

The dance is beautiful on the outside when these things have been achieved. Then we can polish a fine stone. I am dedicated to sharing this potential with my students and my audience.

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